The SCULPTURE Festival, which takes place as a series in the Georg Kolbe Museum / Berlin, focuses on an unusual artistic aspect: the inherent sculptural quality in the time-based arts of choreography and music.

The artistic leadingteam Carolin Brandl (conception and curation choreography) and Hanno Leichtmann (curation music) could win for their first edition of SCULPTURE artists like Sasha Waltz,  Kat Válastur, Institut für FeinmotorikRobyn SchulkowskyGrischa LichtenbergerScott Jennings and others.

Artists participating in SCULPTURE Edition # 2

The works of world- renowned choreographers Meg Stuart and William Forsythe, both winners of the Golden Lion Award for Life Achievement / Biennale di Venezia (2018 / 2010) will be presented at SCULPTURE Edition # 2.

For the festival Meg Stuart has developed a work entitled “rune”, together with her performer Sigal Zouk.  

William Forsythe's contribution is “Heaven and Hell”, one of his rare “choreographic objects”, based on huge templates - a site-specific work, waning over time. 

Young choreographer Ingri Fiksdal from Norway has conceived “Gold” for SCULPTURE and Kolbe´s historic workshop.  Her performer is Rannei Grenne. “Gold” is a space-filling choreographic installation with moving and floating objects, reminiscent of her earlier work “Diorama”. 

“Gold” encounters the minimalistic sonorous neon-light sculpture by Tilman Küntzel and a turn-table installation by Hanno Leichtmann.

For the special context the electro-acoustic drummer Andrea Belfi from Italy develops an experimental sculpture of tonal layers.

For dancer Pascal Luce and SCULPTURE the French choreographer Anne Nguyen, a pioneer of breakdance, creates a novel dance sculpture, deconstructing the dance vocabulary of HipHop. 

Following the event SCULPTURE invites the audience to a party in the large sculpture garden of the museum.

SCULPTURE is in dialogue with the exhibition „Der absolute Tanz“, held in Georg Kolbe Museum in 2021. A common catalogue is available in the museum. A visit to the exhibition is included in the festival ticket.

The SCULPTURE Festival curatorially spans an arc between internationally renowned artists and very young positions, inviting sound artists and choreographers to re-interpret the concept of sculpture.

The key questions are:

What does a contemporary dance sculpture look like, what does a sound sculpture sound like?

The festival wants to convey an idea as to what extent the concept of sculpture has changed over time. In the experimental frame of the festival, choreographers meet sound artists. Their conceptual positions are juxtaposed and "exhibited" in parallel as "temporary sculptures". And just like in an exhibition, direct substantive and formal cross-references can be made between the various artistic statements. In this process, the independence of choreography and music is respected.

Historical lines are partially reflected in a new way. Moreover, new works are created exclusively for SCULPTURE, aiming to stimulate the current discourse in contemporary art. The festival series encompasses the exhibition of the Georg Kolbe Museum “Der Absolute Tanz”. Exhibition and festival are directly related to each other and will enter into a lively dialogue.   

SCULPTURE edition#1 artistic works:

For the special occasion of the opening 
Sasha Waltz has designed a new choreographic work for 3 dancers entitled: „Skulptur 1". 
“Skulptur1” meets the artistic position of the duo Institut für Feinmotorik, who works with 8 tuned-up record players. The artists were awarded the Karl Sczuka Prize for their radio play „Die 50 Skulpturen des Instituts für Feinmotorik“.

In her composition for the festival, the American percussionist Robyn Schulkowsky draws on Marcel Duchamp´s ”Sculpture Musicale”.
Choreographer Kat Válastur created, among others, “The marginal sculptures of Newtopia” as part of a research project initiated by Olafur Eliasson. Specifically for SCULPTURE and for the sculptor Georg Kolbe´s former workshop, she has developed a space-filling work, where she explores the inner and outer perception of temporality - between movement and stillness.

The electronic musician Grischa Lichtenberger has designed a work, inspired by the sparse sounds of the compositions of early "Ausdruckstanz", using sounding objects - together with the choreographer and dancer Scott Jennings, a long-time member of the Pina Bausch Company.

The opening event on September 5, 2020, brought together different audiences interested in choreography, sound and visual arts. The large sculpture garden of the Kolbe Museum was an ideal space. And it invited the audience to enjoy a summer party afterwards, which those who were unable to get any of the limited tickets, could also join - free of charge. 

Conception and curation choreography: Carolin Brandl
Curation music: Hanno Leichtmann

Funded by the open funding of the Berlin Senate.

The exhibition, “The Absolute Dance. Dancers of the Weimar Republic.” in the Georg Kolbe Museum will be shown in the Georg Kolbe Museum from January 22 to May 24, 2021

Georg Kolbe Museum
Sensburger Allee 25
14055 Berlin


Conception and curation choreography: Carolin Brandl
Curation music: Hanno Leichtmann

Funded by the open funding of the Berlin Senate. 

Georg Kolbe Museum
Sensburger Allee 25
14055 Berlin

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